Active Campaigning Services and Costs


The Active Campaigning team are here to guide you in finding out how you can make your voice heard, and we do so at no charge.

Campaigning requires meeting rooms and equipment. There are many venues available for hire. The campaigning can be an expensive process especially if it is done without any planning. In order to prepare for a campaign the leaders can rent out a place for preparation. These rooms can have some furniture obtained from an event and exhibition rental facilities.

Most of the time campaign rely heavily on media or e-mails when advertising their point of view. There are many levels of campaigning starting from low budget campaigns that use direct voter contact and ranging towards expensive campaigns where TV ads are used, along with many other media ways to get the message across. The costs of campaigning have been rising recently so it is becoming harder and more discouraging for those with a smaller budget so more planning is required to be able to maximise the outcome of each campaign.

Please Note

This website has nothing to do with the old Sussex Action for Peace website.

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